At this time, I would recommend that the reader return to the introduction, and re-read the opening in as concrete and literal terms as possible. I am not thinking of wisdom and understanding passed down through the ages in the written word: I am talking about apprehensions of reality traveling from one mind to another.

This development of this skill is critical. Without it, we are left with terribly blunt instruments for negotiating reality: words and gestures. With it, we have a rich and efficient means of apprehending roles and negotiating participation in acts of creation far greater than anything we can accomplish without it.

Of course, there is a competition in those negotiations, and so the temptation will always exist to use power to destroy resistance to our goals. Why should love be dominant? The reason lies in the physics: love requires less energy than power. It reduces resistance to the channeling of will. It facilitates a connection to the huge reservoir of human aspirations that can ground and refocus any lesser source of power.

When faced with anger and hatred, those who love can take that energy and channel it in any direction they want. In other words: lovers, when faced with overwhelming force, simply identify an apparently insoluble human problem, and refocus the energy seeking their destruction towards its solution.