When characterizing the difference between spirituality and science, I referenced complexity. Complexity frustrates the scientific principle of prediction. Chaos theory demonstrates that part of the problem is imprecision or incompleteness in our capacity to measure system state. What will be premised here is that a universe constructed with a multiplicity of temporal streams also frustrates prediction - and not only on a quantum scale, but on a classical scale. While we may specify mechanisms, just as in chaos theory, and be able to bound system behavior, we may never be able to precisely predict the outcome of events, or to authoritatively justify the association of our intention with external events.

This section, then, is where the rubber meets the road. It is where Brian lets it all hang out, putting his personal and professional credibility on the line.

When these matters come up in public, people tend to start looking at the outside of my head, and say mysterious things like: "There are certain truths that demand great courage to bring into the open." I find this disappointing. It indicates that fear is the dominant social order, meaning that people do not yet understand the spiritual power that comes from love.

In our discussion of philosophy, the undercurrent was that love is the only sustainable method for managing power. Coercion, and consequentially fear, are conditions from which everyone wants to escape. Their use is temporarily gratifying, but ultimately self-defeating.