"Render unto Caesar."

In the years between transformative theological episodes, it has been Lucifer's business to motivate the discovery of the natural world and the development of social institutions. Naturally, direct intercession was disallowed. Unhappily, the most potent motivational tools were the natural tyrannies. Bad things do happened to good people, but principally with the aim of stimulating the development of systems capable of supporting choice.

The Infernal One is subject to a diabolical set of pressures. On the one hand, he needs to hold it together until he finishes managing the transition to choice. However, as that process progresses, his personality begins to disintegrate. If he lets go too early, the experiment will fail, and his personality will be irrecoverably destroyed.

On top of this, the natural tendency is to form social structures that mirror the solution of the realm of God. These are control-oriented hierarchies with centralized power. Until choice achieves primacy, the only way to undo those structures is to destroy them through physical force. This requires liberalizing cultures to develop and deploy destructive force in order to create the conditions in which choice can take root.

No wonder history is such a mess.

Our challenge is to avoid letting it become a random walk.