Giving Back

Change management, in its essence, is charting a path from today to tomorrow, while ensuring that nothing is lost that cannot be regenerated later.

Simple? Well, yes: given that we know where we're starting from, where we want to go, and can agree on how to get there.

This is the first conundrum of change management. How do we choose directions, without being God to begin with? The answer, of course, is that in this context, we must become God. The way is through respectful and unselfish integration of masculine and feminine personalities.

Before reinterpreting what we have said before in this context, I must first ask: Why is that hard? Why have the great spiritual alliances of history failed their consummation?

I reiterate the problem of resources. The manifestation of any change requires resources. The effort to allocate those resources can involve an enormous investment of will. In the course of that effort, we invest the structures around us with our personality. The reward for success is additional resources - the ability to take the next step in the story of accomplishment. Given the past history of our success, why should we feel at all motivated to surrender those resources to others?

(This is the crux of the tension between the conservative and liberal political traditions. Conservatives believe that productive personalities and institutions sustain society, and require a privileged accessibility to resources. Liberals believe that mere association with power is insufficient to guarantee additional service, and that frequently power must be liberated from owners that do not manifest a constructive social agenda. I would argue that this characterization defines grounds for negotiation.)