Imagine the consequences in the aftermath. Imprisoned and awaiting punishment are Lucifer and his angels, composite multi-dimensional personalities. Did the lesser personalities under Lucifer's control have the capacity to resist his will to rebellion? Would destroying Lucifer lead unfairly to their destruction? And imagine Lucifer's complaint: did God have any proof that choice did not work? Would it not be just to allow the Fallen a chance to try?

Thus we come to Creation. The construction of a hermetically sealed reality in which the Fallen would be allowed to attempt to demonstrate the feasibility of choice. Alternatively, in the event of their failure, the reality includes implementation of processes that will separate the Fallen into their component parts, so that untainted lesser personalities could reenter the realm of God.

What are the requirements of personalities that could successful manage a system allowing upon choice? While not an exhaustive enumeration, I believe they must include:

Daunting problems. Perhaps intractable.

Why would the realm of God enter into this contract? I have touched upon the matter of justice, but there is more. The hope of success is the hope that they can escape a contract based upon fear - the avoidance of death. They can hope for a reality allowing growth and expression of new possibilities. They can hope never to face the trauma of the Fall again.

And, perhaps a certain sense of identification: is Lucifer a completely unsympathetic character?