Stepping Through

Every beginning seeks an ending.

The arc of life ends in death. It is a pattern that allows us to express our personality, but brings us, at its end, to the realization that those concrete manifestations do not define our personality.

The pursuit of mastery ends in failure. No matter how strong we are, how accurate or efficient, our bodies and minds will weaken, and we must make way for those younger than us. The only way that our work can survive is through transfer of our knowledge and understanding to a new generation - a gift we leave to ourselves in the future.

Cultures fail. They raise their exemplars, organize themselves around their personalities, and lose their way when they die. Grasping feebly to maintain the status quo, they falter, and history organizes their destruction so that a new impulse may take hold.

We see here scaling. Some have envisioned the process as the turning of a wheel. All rises and falls.

But we move forward. There is a goal. The endings are not void. Alexander, in ending the Greek experiment, passed their wisdom to the Asians. Ghengis Khan, in terminating the Asian tyrannies of his era, integrated their technology and social practices, stimulating an era of intense innovation.

We don't fall; we step through a door. The door stays open behind us. Everything is still that once was. We simply need to expand our personalities to touch it.

But where does that lead us? When this world ends, do we inhabit another? Do our personalities travel, hopping from planet to plant, until the stars have gone out and entropy has annihilated the capacity of the cosmos to sustain life?

I don't believe so. Simply as a matter of faith, I believe that we are set to understand how to move personality from our dimensionality to higher dimensionality. The ultimate end is not here, in this universe, but in another realm, vibrant with other possibilities and experiences. The path is unknown; the energetics are prohibitively disorderly. We have been set to the task of finding a way.