Feminine and masculine personalities experience time differently. The feminine experience is highly associative: rich in emotional and experiential resonances, at a depth that may make her immediate behavior appear irrational. Its highest manifestation is in the act of childbirth. The masculine experience is singular: they focus on the moment, and manifest change that breaks the continuity of time, separating past and future. The most accessible means of creating that separation is to remove a personality from the game (less euphemistically: violence).

The singularity of the masculine personality also separates them from one another. The uniqueness of their physiology and experience frustrates the mechanisms of temporal resonance. Feminine personalities, working hard to create continuity, establish rich associations that enable them to achieve psychic resonance.

In mature cultures, the prerequisite to significant acts of creation is mastery of an overwhelming mass of detail. Learning is at a premium. In this environment, the woman that is able to "collect" men through sexual mastery is able to command their knowledge, and focus their energies towards her interests. In cultures in formation or decline, where change occurs so rapidly that knowledge of the past is of limited value, the masculine ability to imagine and manifest novel realities is at a premium. The man that collects a coterie of women is able to draw energy and resource from the stability they create, and so achieve more than his peers.

Now let's broaden our analysis from these archetypes.