To this point, our inquiry might be characterized as a conceptual survey. The goal has been to provide a framework that will lessen the hazards to those seeking to express the power of love. When I set out on this path, I was told to take history as a warning. Pope John Paul II was an exception: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela seem to have been more of the norm.

Why should this be so? In considering the Christian tradition, I arrived at the following apprehensions:

Why is the game so hard? Why should we have to struggle so to achieve the beneficial ends of love? At root, I believe that the way is not known. We have been put to the task of discovering it. We have the promise of a free pass to another life each time we fail, but we also have the looming threat of an entropic overload that will terminate our experience here on Earth. That latter is also our beneficial motivation. It is the mechanism that keeps us moving when we would otherwise choose to rest on our achievements - or simply indulge ourselves.

The breakthrough to enlightenment requires the accumulation and focusing of an enormous amount of energy. It requires us to believe, deep inside of our beings, that something must be done. An inescapable threat of destruction is a uniquely efficient means for manifesting that belief. (I have come to believe that Christian doctrine regarding the afterlife is one way of sharpening that focus for us as individuals, and explains the doctrinal rejection of reincarnation.) Unfortunately, fear is also the catalyst for violence, which erodes the gestalt that provides the mechanism for manifestation of our loving intent.

If it's so hard, why keep trying? I have only an apprehension to offer: our allies in other dimensionalities are involved in the implementation of reincarnation. When we fall too far from the path to transcendence - far enough that we become an impediment to its accomplishment - their ability or motivation to sustain our personality is diminished, perhaps to the point that we can no longer survive.

Every spiritual tradition has models of heaven and hell. Hell is being taken apart and made two-dimensional again. Life is not a free lunch. If we stop moving, we die. Permanently.

If that's the stick, what is the carrot? What goal should we be seeking? Obviously, the potential for the works we perform in unity is far greater than in those we can accomplish alone. Considering this benefit, my apprehension is that we are moving towards joining - not the random, uncontrollable joining of our passions, but a joining of focused rational and emotional purpose. Until that state is achieved, I can't purport to describe it. But we can explore the nature of joining as we experience it now, and thereby anticipate the nature of the path ahead, and the benefits we will reap.