It is known that the ill recover more rapidly when surrounded by those that love them. It has been demonstrated that visualizing the physiological mechanisms that restore our wellness speeds recovery. In both cases, my intuitive apprehension is that the key element is imagining ourselves well again. In physical terms, I believe that our imagining focuses energy as dreams that bridge wellness from the past, through the interim of our illness, into a future of wellness.

The physiological conditions of wellness are patterned in the past as a distribution of charge. By merging our personalities with that patterning and projecting it into the future, we create conditions that guide the organism towards recreation of that patterning. We can do this for people we love - implicitly including ourselves in that population.

My experience is that miracles can be accomplished through this process. The greatest complications, unfortunately, arise when gross changes have been made to our physiological structure through surgery. This should not be taken as a suggestion to ignore the advice of your doctor when (s)he recommends surgery - particularly if your current condition is life-threatening. (Under these conditions, you will be faced with the interesting problem of learning how to decouple critical parts of your spiritual function from the tissues that normally host them.) Instead, it should be taken as a sort of assurance that, even when we make mistakes, there is a simple, focused technique that we can use to recover our wellness after it has been lost.

The challenge is that, if we are engaged in open and extended conflict with those around us, we must push against their wills. They hate us. They wish to see us removed from influence over their lives.

Conversely, if we are engaged in mutually beneficial relationships, others wills push along with ours. The imagining and dreaming of shared future joy helps to pull us through.