Up to this point, the development has followed a course of incrementally implausible extension of the consequences of multi-dimensional time and separability of charge and mass. While I have not been mathematical or physical rigorous, I have outlined the conceptual basis for synchronicity, precognition, telepathy and reincarnation.

For each of these phenomena, the enabling physical phenomenon is the transfer of information through time and space without the transfer of energy. The action we take in response to that information involves local energy sources deployed in accordance with physically accepted principles of causality.

Hand-in-hand with the development, I have offered principles of control and focus that I have found useful in guarding my personality from manipulation by people seeking to divert me from my chosen purpose (which, in fact, was simply creation of this document). However, I have yet to provide any basis of proof that moral conduct is fundamentally superior to self-serving conduct. In fact, one might argue that the substance of the spiritual discussion thus far has been self-love.

Of course, there are concrete benefits of moral conduct, covered in our discussion of philosophy. But one implementation of those principles is a closed community of predators. Why should we not choose to limit our moral focus to our chosen associates? Why reach out to others?

To realize the full potential of love, I must enter into discussion of experience that breaks the bounds of plausible extension. These experiences are manifested through organizing and focusing of the energy released when we deepen our relationships for the purpose of personal and dimensional extension. That deepening requires a degree of trust and openness that can only be extended in the security of love.

Let's talk about wellness.