Managing Energy

We have developed a framework that should open our minds to the depth and power of human potential. It is a potential coupled to extremely powerful physical processes. It seems clear that our goal as personalities, through the broad sweep of time, is to learn to manage that power.

There is danger in that process, as well as opportunity. In this section, we will begin the exploration of techniques that can be used to guide us through the process. The end goal is sublimation of the ego to the purpose of enabling us to bond our consciousness with others - in this dimensionality and others.

There is much we have to learn together about this process. I once had a friend remark that I obviously didn't have all the answers yet, because I was still here. My response came, oddly enough, from a children's movie: Lilo and Stich. "Ohana means family. Family means nobody is forgotten, and nobody is left behind."

Unless, of course, they want to stay.