Reinterpreting the Chakras

If biochemical structures define resonance channels for information flow, obviously different tissues will have different resonance patterns. As it does not involve the transfer of energy (intead, it reorganizes the flow of energy in the receiving system), this channel is not constrained by the normal rules of causality. Charge, the medium of biochemical interaction, has a separate time stream. For this reason, it is plausible that our important bodily tissues have temporal resonance across their different modes of operation.

Many spiritual traditions give instruction on our organic energy centers. The chakras are one such framework. The followers of Casteneda have evolved a discipline called Tensegrity. Many of these traditions are focused on performance optimization. I have not explored such practices, and will not represent or question their value.

Again: my purpose here is simply to provide cerebral armor to those entering the negotiation of will in the spiritual domain. For that purpose, I offer a model that relates tissue function to the psychology of interaction. The model is not exceptionally detailed. The reasons for this construction will be made clear when I talk about wellness below.

To grasp an opportunity, we must expend physical energy. The liver and diaphragm provide coarse regulation of our energy consumption. I typically sense opportunity as a heightened stimulus in the region of my solar plexus ("nervousness", or "butterflies in the stomach", in the extreme case).

To accomplish a focused purpose, we must conform our system to deliver energy to the specific cells most deeply involved in accomplishing our task. The circulatory system manages the distribution of energy to - and subsequent removal of waste from - our cells. The heart is the center of that distribution. When I am sincerely committed to a task, I feel an energy radiating from my heart out through my arteries. When I am joined with others equally sincere, I feel an integration of those energy flows.

The brain codifies our understanding of the mechanisms by which we can manifest our will. I have touched on the nature of its trans-temporality earlier, and will return to it again.

Our coarse biological needs (hunger and the procreative urge) seem to be rooted in the lower abdomen.

Concrete power - our ability to affect the reality around us - seems to be organized around the body, in our limbs.