Modern Times

When I was growing up, I had an internal litany: "Lead with your heart." I did this quite intuitively, and it was not until I was 40 that I realized that I wasn't getting much of a response. The denizens of modern society appear to be hollow in their hearts. In America at the beginning of the 21st century, I would assert that the dominant cultural mode is manipulation of our needs and understanding to focus our power. The reader might evaluate his quotidian reactions to evolve an independent assessment.

Where is love? Traditionally, the heart is associated with love. That prejudice is easy to understand. The virtue of being in a loving relationship is the synergistic benefits of aligning our energy with another's. Everything becomes easier because skills merge together seamlessly to cover our weaknesses. When a lover walks away from us, we lose that synergy. Our heart may indeed feel "broken": our energetic resources are over-burdened and ineffectual.

But what kind of love does that reflect? Keeping the sense of our philosophical discussion, that is all about self-love. How do we know whether someone loves us?

Love in that sense is far more complicated. It is measured by depth of sincerity, psychological intuition and commitment of will to exercise opportunities to create power in the one loved. Referencing the list above, love involves a number of energy centers, to a focused purpose. "Puppy-love" - the unintelligent merging of our energy - is an indulgence to be discouraged. Not only does it leave us vulnerable to a broken heart, it leaves us without a roadmap for disengagement from dysfunctional relationships that invade all of our systems.