In this section, I present the concepts that I have found helpful in understanding the challenges we face in negotiating reality.

When I first conceived of this task, I considered taking an enumeration of spiritual phenomena, and explaining how each could be explained by a physical process. Any such assertion is, at this time, purely speculative. For that reason, the discussion here should be taken as a psychological preparation for the experiences that will be encountered as the student begins an intelligent and conscious exploration of the limits of human perception, and the mechanisms of human will.

Our emotions are an enormous source of spiritual energy. They have a continuity that focuses and sustains our commitment to a goal. However, those emotions are focused primarily in sustaining the evolutionary process in the objective domain. Personal survival and procreation are the focus of fear, desire and the counter signal of happiness.

Spiritual development has concerns of a different dimensionality. To enter with clarity into that development, we must refocus our emotional associations towards a different conception of survival.

What follows is an attempt to prepare the cortex to accomplish the requisite reconditioning of the natural responses of our limbic system and brain stem. I must emphasize this: it is important to essay the reconditioning. "Curiosity killed the cat."