In my reformulation of the principles of particle physics, I outlined a compositional model that might explain some of the open puzzles in that field. Obviously, that framework has to be elaborated as a mathematical model before it can be evaluated. However, I am prejudiced by experience to trust in its validity, and so will elaborate some of its implications.

The axiom of the compositional model is that the fundamental building blocks of matter are interactive elements that construct and exist in a reality with one space dimension and one time dimension. These are composed to construct our three-dimensional reality.

But why three dimensions? Why not two dimensions? Why not four? Or more?

Since I can't reference any physical measurements to affirm the existence of such realities, treat the following as a parable.

I have said that loving is a process that minimizes resistance to the manifestation of our will. It is therefore a psychological manifestation of the physical principle of least action.

But what is the endpoint?

Let us presume, for a moment, that realities of other dimensionality exist. Let us suppose that there are constructs, in those dimensionalities, that interact through mechanisms that do not couple strongly to three-dimensional matter. Could it be possible for those constructs to become three-dimensional? Could it be possible for our matter to enter a different dimensional configuration?