How far will we be going afield? While this is to forecast some of the issues that will arise in our discussion of sprituality, I'll take the plunge:

As will be discussed in my personal history, when I was eight years old I chose to close my mind. For most of my life, the written and spoken word was the only means I used consciously to acquire information.

One of the motivations for pursuing alternative formulations of physics was that, in the throes of a great personal trauma, I was encouraged to open my mind again. As I began to explore the possibilities for expression of my will, I found that I was interpreting the experience in physical terms. For example, when healing, I had the apprehension that I was encouraging the infirm to bridge wellness across their present malaise from the past to the future.

There are also disabilities that can develop as one adapts to the management of spiritual energy. Again, having a physical model of the process aided me in managing those difficulties.

Our body is the machine that adapts and channels the energies through which we manifest our will. The better we understand it, the more we will be capable of reaching beyond ourselves to accomplish the extraordinary. While I focus here on the mind, I believe that someday we will discover that we are able to marshal and focus all of our life energies in ways that enhance every aspect of our performance.