This material is unsubstantiated theory (i.e. - prejudice?) that probably belongs under "Philosophy", except that I expect that someone in the field of psychology will correct any errors and elaborate any truths. If that doesn't happen, I'll get to it someday.

The opening observation may not generate controversy: homo sapiens comes in male and female varieties. Each plays a complementary procreative role that defines a psychological tendency. Hormonal drives motivate women to join, and men to separate. This tendency is manifested in the psychological types of masculinity and femininity, which are moderated and focused by cultural norms.

I have been told that men and women experience time in different ways. This may reflect the emphasis between the long-term context of limbic existence, versus the immediate prerogatives of the brain stem. I have experimented with this in uncontrolled studies. While meaningless from a scientific perspective, I observe that when I focus on differences in my environment, I enter a mental state subtly but significant varying from the state that arises when I focus on similarities to past experience. This may seem obvious, but may also reflect an underlying information processing reality that could explain psychological differences between men and women.

I realized, at the time of these studies, that I had rarely entered the mode of similarity prior to attempting these experiments. That bears a certain correspondence with women's tendency to establish continuity, and the male tendency to generate disorder. Women like continuity because they are orientated towards similarity, while men like disorder because they are orientated towards differences.

Recent studies show other significant psychological differences between men and women. In standardized tests of math skills, boys demonstrate a wider range of aptitudes than girls, with more extreme high and low scores that girls. In investigating this, psychologists learned that boys doing math expend more energy in the gray matter of the brain. This is where dendrites and axons meet - where, in a sense, actual information processing takes place. In girls, it appears that more energy is expended in the tracts, the white matter composed of axonic bundles. In other words, where information is transmitted.