A more subtle pattern can be observed in the correlations between the particle properties. The mathematical theories used to describe interactions between particles reference the following four properties:

For the lightest particle generation, these are distributed as follows:

vs. Particle
Charge Mass Color Spin
Neutrino 0 0 0 1/2
Down -1/3 100 1 1/2
Up +2/3 120 1 1/2
Electron -1 0.5 0 1/2

The following patterns can be identified:

The patterns suggest that charge is a separable property, and that fractional charge may have something to do with color.

This attacks a fundamental precept of particle theory, that I will label uniticity: the particle's charge, mass, color and spin travel around as an inseparable unit. Why is this necessarily so? In relaxing this assumption, we might consider that neutrinos and photons, with zero charge and no mass, are pure energy. They both appear to move at the speed of light. If charge moves separately, maybe it moves at a different speed. This might help to explain certain of the apparently contradictory aspects of quantum theory (such as particle-wave duality, and the wave-function collapse).