In summer of 2004, I was present when the physical sciences director at the NSF gave a talk on forefront cosmology. The buzz concerned the apparent acceleration in the Hubble constant - the rate at which the universe is expanding. He observed, during the course of the talk, that it appeared obvious that theorists would need some "crazy ideas" to explain the most recent observations.

He surveyed some of these, and I left the talk thinking that his theorists weren't nearly crazy enough.

In what follows, I take a look at where we might go if we pursue composition with a vengeance, and discard uniticity. It reflects my ideas as of Autumn of 2004. I have reason to believe that things may not follow the story laid out here, but until I can put numbers to equations, I won't speculate further.

This is obviously a partial and irrefutable picture. Let it stimulate your thinking!

The following discussion is again fairly technical. The non-specialist may wish to skip forward here