Declaration of Intent

In what follows, I regret that I cannot present a fully worked-out mathematical theory that demonstrates the internal consistency of the ideas. The scope of the work presented here, and pressing matters in my personal life, have prevented me from returning to that study since I left it in 1990.

Our concern here is with the field of particle physics, which looks at the behavior of the most fundamental constituents of reality, and thus defines our expectations for the limits on the manifestation of human will.

In the late '90s, it became clear that the means for validating the most fundamental theory of matter - known in its most recent incarnation as string theory - would not be found here on earth. Certain evidence, as discussed below, was taken as proof that the universe began in a process known as the "Big Bang", although a more appropriate name might have been the "Expansive Cool". Marketing failures aside, the theories stated that conditions in the early universe were such that the full complexity of superstring spacetime would have been manifested. This raised the hope that extrapolation from that epoch through the intervening billions of years would enable us to validate string theory against modern observations of the state of the universe.

For this reason, many of the basic suppositions of particle theory are driven by observations from cosmology. This linkage between the very large and the very small is poetical, but the state of measurement and theory justifies the common-sense expectation that the extrapolation might be tenuous.

This last statement exposes an agenda: my goal is to survey the relationship between the fundamental axioms of particle physics, and the evidence used to justify them. I will then identify three unexamined assumptions in the axioms that, if relaxed, allow us to construct a completely different - and far simpler - picture of the early universe, and that bring paranormal phenomona into the realm of scientific study.

There is an enormous body of work to be done here. There are possibly alternate formulations. Although my personal experience is that these ideas are enormously powerful, I offer them here not as a statement of truth, but for the purpose of stimulating the community to further consideration.