If nothing else, the previous discussion demonstrates the enormous dimensionality of life. Compressed into a few paragraphs, it seems unimaginable that we could successfully negotiate all of its turns. It is a learning process, and intrinsic to learning is the capacity to fail. While in the experience we have the advantage of decades in which to reflect and adjust, we also have to contend with the adverse influences of those competing with us. Our salvation, frequently, comes in the dynamic of love: sometimes we raise up, and sometimes others raise us.

An interesting insight, perhaps lost amid the detail (evident even in this coarse a description!) is that the learning starts with managing ourselves, and progresses steadily to the management of friendships, a family, a community, and society as a whole. At every scale, there are people like us involved in the same adventure. The particulars will vary, based upon age, paternity, culture and life history, but the occasion of scale suggests that we might find concepts and principles that would encapsulate an understanding applicable at every stage of the process.

Some of these we have already encountered: will, power, love. I offer others here.