Seniority and Dotage

Seniority is a period of declining productivity and power to compel. Sometimes, this change is formalized: people retire, or are unable to maintain competitive skills because technology outpaces the opportunities they have to learn on the job. They have something more valuable to offer at this time, however: understanding of the means that can be applied effectively to manage life's transitions. Communities benefit greatly when these individuals are allowed the opportunity for reflection, and to supply guidance through ethical and moral communication.

Moral and ethical communication is not practical guidance. One of the benefits of seniority is the expectation of others that we will have less direct involvement in accomplishing the community's goals. The benefit of this separation from responsibility is in fostering independence and competence in those that follow us.

In dotage, the final stage of life prior to a natural death, we prepare for a terminal separation from our intimates. Our concern is to organize our life's energies to transfer its spirit to a new generation.

That's sufficiently ambiguous that I will renounce the usual intimations to spirituality.