There is an evolutionary arc to life. It concerns the mastery and management of power and love, and the integration of our concerns with those of others.

This section analyzes the personal resources we have to guide its trajectory, and traces that arc. If you are looking for prescriptions, you have come to the wrong place. There are no easy answers - only relatively simpler or more complex processes for finding them.

If we are to provide our best service to those we love (including ourselves), we must develop ourselves as personalities. Mastering a model of personal development enables us to negotiate priorities when other claims on our time divert energy from that goal. This includes claims on our time by people that don't hold our interests near to their hearts.

Part of our mutual concern involves liberating power in others that can be turned to the accomplishment of shared goals. Often, we are our own worst enemies in developing power. When faced with a problem, we lead with our strengths. It may take an outsider to see that we could accomplish our goals far more easily if we developed and applied other skills. Again, a model of personality helps us to formulate and communicate that kind of advice, as well as make good use of it when it is received.