Homo sapiens sapiens is a social being. We are dependent upon each other. Extending our bubble means controlling the nature and extent of its entanglement with other bubbles.

There are only two principles in this process: power and love.

When we use power, we force other bubbles to conform to the shape we desire. In a sense, our colleagues become subordinates to our will - extensions, in certain forms of their dimensionality, of our will. This has advantages when we have capabilities that we cannot hope to transfer to our subordinates in the time frame we have to accomplish our goals. We organize them as gears in a machine.

Unfortunately, very few people enjoy this kind of invasion, because they have their own goals in life. They have the right to love themselves. Maintaining control of a bubble through power is a constant struggle. When the controlled personality is strong, the size of our coterie will be limited until they are rendered weak. But this defeats the purpose of the joining: we may become more powerful for a while by feeding upon another's energy, but sooner or later they become worthless to us.

The use of power to join bubbles is commonly known as force.

When our joinings are guided by love, we attempt to find those with whom bubbles merge to mutual benefit, and share our journey with them until we have accomplished the goals we have chosen. Ideally, the engagement is broadened by an increase of ambition and capability as the journey goes forward. One person's strength fills a weakness in the other - at least, that is, in so long as we voluntarily contribute our power to meeting that need. Through that sharing, we learn from each other, and become stronger individuals as a result.

Merging bubbles under the terms of love is joining to create power.