A remarkable transformation occurs when we leave the ground in an airplane. As the ground falls away, details fall away as well. At cruising altitude, some feel that the world has fallen away: they find freedom. Others perceive the transformation differently. They look out the window and see the great pattern wrought on the world by men and nature. They gain perspective.

Problems aren't resolved in the air. They are settled on the ground. We need to engage fully with personal and social diversity. But we also need a broader perspective - a way of looking at challenges that enables us to prioritize our local problems against the problems faced by the larger society.

The goal of this section, then, is to provide that perspective. The goal is to provide terminology that enables us, when bogged down in the details of personal and social conflict, to elevate and simplify the debate, and to use that perspective to clearly frame, localize and resolve conflicts. That is an ambitious program, perhaps, but none-the-less: what I expect to accomplish is to provide a basis for construction of a comprehensive moral and ethical philosophy spanning every sphere of life, from our relationship with ourselves to the international compact of social justice.

Do I expect to demonstrate that assertion to the satisfaction of each and every reader? No, I do not. What I hope is that there will be at least one context in which the ideas make sense, in which the reader finds some benefit through their application. Through that application, he or she will find the discipline and confidence to expand the spiritual depth of their relationships.

For in that success, at whatever scale, a tone of conduct will be established - a harmony that washes away discordance. Once that tone is known, it spreads upwards and downwards through all the scales of perception, until the nature of consciousness itself is opened to us.

The game is afoot, and it is far more amazing, glorious, and joyous than we could ever have hoped to expect. The only thing that impedes our apprehension of it is the energy we invest maintaining our confusion. It is the confusion of right and wrong, and good and evil. In fact, the goal is attainable only when we focus narrowly on managing power - and love is the context in which power is managed most efficiently.