The site is organized into three sections. The first considers the paradigms that I believe reflect the greatest of the inspirations of human understanding: Science, Philosophy and Spirituality. In the second, I describe my experiences in the Abstract over the last four years, a series of vignettes I call "Imaginings" (as a shield against the mental health professionals). If nothing else, these experiences reflect my assessment of the personalities (both living and, uh, "dead") that loom largest in modern American culture. Finally, I reflect on my own life, and the difficulties that I encountered because I was not prepared by our culture to deal successfully with the nature of the reality I have come to inhabit.

Of course, I haven't experienced or done it all. I am aware that my talents fall into a specific range: I have enormous powers of focus, and a bent for conceptual minimization. However, there is an almost overwhelming amount of information in books and on the web regarding human potential that I cannot claim to have related definitively to the framework provided here. I can say that I have yet to encounter any description of human experience that has stumped me. In fact, normally I am told that the explanations are too prolific.

Part of the joy anticipated from creation of this site is that the inquiry will become more democratic. My father, early in this process, warned me that any paradigm shift would be resisted until proven of merit. I hope that time has come. It's been lonely.