Manger à Trois

After Jewel had introduced me to her children, I went out to the Columbia House DVD club and ordered two more of her movies. The arrived on the usual time frame, but were preceded by another unexpectedly.

I didn't remember ordering the movie, but recalled having seen part of it on TV years ago. The story, which I took in that weekend, concerns the unintentional destruction that trailed the life of a spiritually potent man who refused to conform to prevailing social norms.

Now, with the exception of Jewel, I don't normally "channel" the personalities of movie stars. I've watched the Matrix trilogy eight times, and never picked up Keanu Reeves. The same applies to Vigo Mortenson and the Ring Trilogy. But that weekend, up popped the lead actor of this film, scolding me that I was driving Jewel to destruction, just as his character had destroyed his women. I sent him off, making it clear that Jewel was an equal partner in our engagement, and that I was a gentle man - conflict came to me. He tried a few more times over the next week, and then left it off.

Driving up from LA a few weeks later, I had a fling with a recent co-star. I don't know what the opponents expected to happen. She's a powerful woman, but mismatched against me. There's no substitute for purpose. I had some further interaction with her, as part of a bait-and-switch operation. But some good came of it. She convinced herself that she should and could turn her intelligence, which had been focused on sexual politics, in other directions. If I recall, the words were: "I am smart. I just need to be smart in a different way." Good for you.

The threads wove together when the scandal hit in January. They thought they had taken down Jewel and I. The star and his wife were next.

Jewel came back into focus. She had disappeared after the delivery. Apparently she was confronted in the delivery room. The threat: Her behavior was patently unstable. They would take her fortune and children from her if she did not bring herself under control.

However, this new outrage made her reckless. In what followed, she granted me an unusual compliment: "I'd forgotten how much fun it is to work with you."

First, we coined a punny euphemism for the wronged sife to use in public reference to the incident: a disorder of the brain that leads to a pain in the heart. We then had the star track down a male confidant of his temptress, and ask him to counsel her to be more careful in managing her energy. Apparently, in making their latest film she had convinced the star that she needed more from him, and he had relented. Then the star went to his friends, admitting that he had screwed up, but that he was going to climb up the mountain and get his wife back.

Then we showed the couple how to join. Wow. I hadn't appreciated before that what Jewel and I did together was at all special.

Well, that was a potent counter attack, and the opponents came back about my fling driving up I-5. I observed that it might not be to my discredit to have had the strength to walk away from the temptress unscathed. I also commented on the harm they were doing to her, and their response was "we made her: we'll do what we want with her."

Why be ugly about it?

I'm disappointed that things have turned out the way they are, but I'm hopeful for the couple that has formed. Children are a gift.

The subsection heading isn't a typo: it's Fringlish for "eating a trio". Hopefully, six months from now it will be "three more at our table".