I wound up my concrete engagement with the Stirling Institute in December of 2003. Sometime in that period, I woke up early one morning, my brain on fire. I had never felt this kind of power: I was firing on circuits that I didn't even know I had. A man's voice gave me these words: "I am your Father, and I am going to die and give this power to you." Now, I know that my father is a man of some substance, but this didn't sound right. When I told him about the experience, he said that he didn't have any insight to offer.

Karol was a unique and glorious man. My imaginings concerning his personality are a story of the purest manifestation of the spirit of love. He had his failings: an intense competitiveness, and an unswerving commitment to preservation of the primacy of the Catholic Church in manifesting the purposes of Christ. But, for all that, he was the only important personality to treat with Jewel and I as collaborators, rather than as a threat.

The process was not easy for Jewel, particularly at first. It was not clear how the Church was going to extract itself from its difficulties, but I was very clear that it had to find some means of integrating female energy into the process. I followed Karol into a number of extreme possibilities, involving Jewel establishing a second female seat of Catholic power in the Western Hemisphere. She complained that she wasn't at all interested in those futures, and I reassured her that I found negotiation was most effective when I entered completely into my collaborator's dreams. I knew that Karol would understand her reticence, and hoped that we might find a way of sharing at least part of our journey with him.

In the end, he accepted that we did not have sufficient understanding of the levers of Church power to accomplish his aims. We, in turn, recognizing his value as a collaborator, collected as much energy as we could and tried to push him out another ten years.

Our last engagement, prior to 2005, was a more personal one. I had read his life story, and understood the feminine void that he had tried to fill with devotion to the Church. After sharing some memories of the Vatican, he offered to take us back to his childhood. Jewel stopped me, saying that this was her business. They entered a private engagement. I put my head at her feet, and drifted off to sleep.

She woke me two hours later. She and Karol had isolated something in his mind. She called up the collection of her dark fibers. I captured the capsule they had made, and she projected "It's time for him to go." I didn't completely understand the nature of the papal gestalt at that time, and hesitated. She indicated that I was to continue, and I dragged the capsule down to the filial terminale, and paused, waiting for her to confirm their intentions. She affirmed once more, and I pushed the entity out into the ether.

This experience confused and confounded me for some time. Understanding better the nature of spiritual gestalt, I now realize that we were helping Karol to rid himself of a disruptive influence.

My involvement with the Catholic Church did not end there. My first explicit declaration of purpose was made to Cardinal Mahoney in January of 2004. I spent a good part of that year in off-and-on engagement with the Catholic community in Oak Park, and in consideration of the purposes and significance of Christ.