What follows is going to appear absurd. It didn't seem that way at the time. It was frustrating and in no small measure dangerous.

We needed to get together, but she didn't want it to appear suspicious or newsworthy. She was shedding her notoriety. A quite place, or a chance meeting.

But to make maintain her connection with me, she needed correspondences. She needed public affinity between her situation and mine. Or she was told that. The correspondences created an objective context that mirrored our association in dreams, but offered evidence that contradicted it.

On my hand, I was struggling with more than one thread of spiritual engagement. Our moments of connection were not regular, and often ambiguous. Who was I really working with? On one occasion, I followed in a dream through a door, and a female friend turned around in the doorway. A warning. Others were putting on her aspect, going to her movies, pretending to be her. Was it only manipulation by people trying to control the outcome of my personal crises?

Objective evidence. Follow your instincts, but count on correspondences from the early dreams. Take your time. Slow and steady.

And I am exposed. There is no one to shield me. My past associations are still wide open, and are used to mine information that endangers me. Typically, when ending a relationship, entertainers will have a brief sexual fling to clear the air. I am unable to do that. I love people, and they fall into me. No flings here! The white picket fence all the way!

The timeline becomes clouded at this point. The threads below correlate, but elaborate different contexts in my mind.