Coming Clean

Before exploring that question, I'll touch briefly on Coming Clean. This is another spiritual romance, but in this case the context is the spiritual role of women in the Catholic Church. Much of this was written one night at the bookstore. I was sitting against a large plate window, black with night outside. I was really stimulated: I could feel the energy racing through my cortex as Jewel worked with me. Although avoiding distraction, I began to notice that the other customers were staring at my head. Some were smiling to themselves, others were incredulous, and one or two appeared shocked.

I've had people say things about this phenomenon to me on other occasions. "Could you turn it down please?", and later on the same occasion "My experience of your presentation today has given me a whole new perspective on the meaning of the word 'brilliant'." In a similar vein: "There are truths that it takes a great deal of courage to let be seen." Or "There isn't much light here now, but I am certain a great deal will be cast on [the subject] soon." On two other occasions, I've had people remark that satellites will reflect enough sun to light the ground: "just long enough as is needed, and no more."

However, no one, to date, has been willing to tell me in plain words exactly what the hell it is they are seeing.

We may be beginning to see a related phenomenon on the faces of actresses. The beautiful romantic soliloquy in "Sideways" is an example. Among my female associates, I've come to consider that look as a warning that I'm about to break someone's heart.