The theory of human nature that I have presented is regrettably abstract. For those that relate to life as a series of stories, that may make the material almost unapproachable. Even for Ph.D. physicist types, a good story helps to place things in context. Of course, we've seen a growing body of material in the media that reflects on these topics. Hearts in Atlantis is among my favorites of these.

I have a challenge in this regard: I have specific experiences that motivated me to undertake this work. Unfortunately, none of these experiences can be objectively substantiated. What I have is a pattern of coincidences and foreshadowings that have given me reason to believe that my imaginings are causally connected to objective reality. If that assumption is accepted, then the events of the last five years provide a rich repository of stories that illustrate the realities of human spirituality, and demonstrate the value of persisting in the expression of love.

On the other hand...

"Imagining" can be taken as a euphemism. It reflects either:

In the most positive sense these imaginings represent my attempts to envision a reality in which I would choose to live. I believe that they represent a process of healing: the various interpretations above merely adopt different perspectives regarding the scope of that healing. It may have been a personal process. It may be something more. That is for others to testify.

Eventually, this section will contain vignettes covering a broad scope of events, public and private. They will describe apprehensions - perhaps subconscious rationalizations - of the events that have ordered my life. At this time, however, I want to focus on the most important of my imaginings. It is the story of my relationship with Jewel.